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If you are a landlord and you are looking to let out your ex-council property, why not choose a specialist agent who has experience in letting ex-council property.

Traditionally ex council property (ex local authority) make good investments or first homes. They typically have larger floor plans due to the era when the majority had been built in the 60's & 70's,  land wasn’t at such a premium as it is today.

They also tend to be slightly lower in price compared to traditional properties. Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) states that ex-council property is approximately cheaper than comparable private properties by 15%.

Ex-council properties allow buyers to live within areas which could for some people be out of their price bracket.

For Buy-to-let investors, ex-council properties tend to be a staple for their residential property portfolios. Put simply, they tend to be cheaper than comparable traditional properties, larger floor plans and strong rents, which pushes up yields. In some cases, landlords can achieve over 10% return on their investment.

What is an ex-council property?

They are properties that previously were owned by a council / local authority and occupied by council tenants.

In May 1979, the Thatcher government implemented a scheme whereby council tenants had a ‘right to buy’ their council home from the council at a discount.

Subsequently, in the UK 2.77million homes have been purchased under the Right to Buy scheme.  This amounts to 10% of all homes in the UK. It is our estimation that 130,000 have been re-sold in 2015, keeping in line with national property sales averages.

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